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Reply To: Why You Can Stick To iEnsemble! Gateway

Kang Zeng

Sorry, I didn’t find time to reply to your last questions till today:

3) As I know from others users that most powerful feature and most advantage funtion the iEnsemble users like is the support to their own Bravo Billing Software- flexible, low cost, support pre-paid and post-paid, can easy generate invoice etc.

5) Detecting answer and hanging up always have no problem with IP side when use H.323 protocol because the Q.931 standard support it ( especially in Fast Start mode ); for FXO port, all of VOIP Gateway with FXO port will meet the same challenge – how to detect the call answered or ended by the remote side? iEnsemble use AudioCodes hardware DSP chip which always get best accuracy when doing the call progress tone and VAD detection; ( about 70% VOIP Gateway use AudioCodes Chip as their CODEC hardware )

6) When use transparent with T.38, you use select G.711 codec ( 64K bps ), how can you use G.723.1 ( only 6.3K ) to transfer real-time Fax data?

7) You needn’t install anything for Show&Tell, it was embeded into the iEnsemble, with their VOIPower Plug-in, setup everything need only 5 minutes;

8) As I know, you needn’t pay any cost to get the new firmware, you can confirm this with their support engineers again;

Again, I still have no any contract with them till now 🙂 Above post is just For Your Information;