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Reply To: Why You Can Stick To iEnsemble! Gateway

Kang Zeng

Sorry, I don’t know the name of the people who wrote above reply, but I can answer some of his questions, by the way, I have no agreement with its current manufacturer. I think it is a good and powerful product, it have some bugs in old firmware, but we are glad to see the company are keeping improving it;

1) Yes, after change FXS/FXO type for each channels from the web interface, you need reset the iEnsemble to make the new configuration work, just like in windows 2000, sometimes after you make some hardware change, you need restart the computer to make the new setting work, because some hardware initialization must be done in system bootup; And in iEnsemble, Soft reset will do exactally same work as hard reset (or power on reset ), just like we can’t feel any different between restart your win2k and just power on your computer to start your win2k;
If you can share with me your experience what problems you met after software reset, maybe I can help you finding out the real reasons;

2) Thanks, you agree the script is a good thing; Yes, the script is complicated, only because it is So powerful and flexible, that allow you implement almost any VOIP applications you will meet; if you can’t understand some grammar, you can see just-in-time help text or manual/web online help or just refer to their factory default reference scripts for FXS/FXO/IP; even you made mistake, you can easily restore the good one by Paste old script text in to the left edit box; change scripts will never make iEnsemble stop booting up, you will only need to unplug the iEnsemble’s power for 5 minutes( when the firmware didn’t work for error firmware upgrade operation) to active it’s default boot loader code so you have change to write again the firmware;

Sorry, I have other things to do now, I will reply your other questions tonight;