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Reply To: How many voice lines in a T1 Data


I understand what MPMLQ is and in ITU G723.1 it states that this is a 6.3kbps codec. I havent seen an addendum so I just wanted to understand.

William- I guess it depends on what you call “very good quality” G.729 is close enough to toll quality…so I guess I would call it near toll quality but not _very_ good quality. lets face it if you play music to your friend over a land line the music just doesnt have the fidelity of having something like dolby theatre sound in your house. Thats my benchmark for _very_ good quality. (you can hear a pin drop….on a plush carpet) aaahhhh…the wonders of the ear. I believe the question was the _best_ voice quality over voip. The best would be the least amount of latency introduced and smaller packetization periods so a lost packet is not noticed. 🙂 right?