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Reply To: VoIP over HFC Networks


Prior to their buyout by Comcast, AT&T issued a Request For Information (RFI) that listed the following traffic engineering guidelines to estimate expected load for system components.

This is based on a 4-Line Broadband Telephony Interface (BTI)/Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA):

· Average size of Fiber Node: 600 households passed

· Telephony take rate: 27% initially and approximately 53% thereafter

· Average number of voice lines per customers: 2.1

· Average traffic per line: 0.137 Erlangs (HDBH)

· Average call holding time in busy hours: 180 seconds

· Peak data rate for high-speed data service:
– Case 1: 128 Kbps (upstream), 128 Kbps (downstream)

– Case 2: 128 Kbps (upstream), 512 Kbps (downstream)

– Case 3: 128 Kbps (upstream), 1.5 Mbps (downstream)

– Case 4: 300 Kbps (upstream), 3 Mbps (downstream)

· Data take rate: 25% initially and approximately 50% thereafter

· At a given time 30% of the data subscribers are logged-on and 15% of the logged-on subscribers actively transfer data.

Hope this helps.