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Reply To: VoIP compared with VoMPLS


JIQ : Did you get my mail ?

Im currently studding the use of MPLS in 3G (UMTS). Current 3G standards are based on ATM, but thoughts on evolving to a IP/MPLS-based network infastructure is discussed.

Since ATM is used from the BTS (Base Tranciver Station) to the GGSN (Gateway GPRS Service Node), it might be possible in the future when/if MPLS coexist with ATM (or maybe it will just be IP/MPLS 🙂 that VoMPLS could be utilize in UMTS?

( and this im not sure about : but if they’re gonna use VoATM, they surely can utilize VoMPLS also ? Just thoughts for me to work on… comments would be helpful 🙂