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Reply To: VoIP compared with VoMPLS


Sorry I jumped back onto this very late.
Jose’ s points are great…thank you for helping educate me on the subject. I sometimes lose sight of other developments outside of VoIP.
That being said, another issue I see is the ability to make VoMPLS extensible into data applications.
When we talk about doing any type of multimedia application, we must always ask ourselves why?
Sure a converged network is great, but what will make it pervasive.
Since MPLS for all intensive purposes is a transport, we will lack some of the benefits of applications to enhance our communications.
Until desktop machines are MPLS enabled, where am I going to get my voice on my PC that communicates through my messenger application, which btw I can also use that messenger app on my cell phone. How would I create interactive video applications without the edge enabled with MPLS?
Just some quick thoughts.
I would love to banter with you folks some more about this and other topics along these lines. Please include me on your thread.