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Reply To: Gatekeeper shutdown

Tony Friar

Hi Sajjad,

have you tried to make calls to your gateway yet using an IP phone
or PC softphone such as Netmeeting or OpenPhone? If so and the calls
are failing do you have any call
traces or did you receive any clear

What is your current setup? ie is
the gateway connected to a hub or
switch or do you have it connected
to the internet/a private IP network?

I’ll assume for now that the gateway is connected via Ethernet to a hub/switch. Using an IP phone
or PC using a softphone such as Netmeeting connect the IP phone
or PC to the hub. Give the PC or
IP phone an IP address in the same range as the gateway and give it the same subnet mask.

e.g if the gateway has an IP address of give the PC/IP
phone an IP address of

Next have the IP phone or PC call
the gateway using the gateways IP
address as the destination.

If the gateway is set up to accept
calls without a gatekeeper and other gateway call setup paramaters
are correct then this should work.

As with most thing “should work”
does not mean it will. Try the above and lets see what happens.