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Reply To: no one technically sound here??????

Tony Friar

Hi. Sorry about the late reply I’ve only just found this forum.

You can download a free H.323 softphone from the following URL:

Select the OpenPhone prgram and install the 2 specified DLL’s.

The softphone is GUI based and very easy to use. It is not perfect
and has some problems. The most annoying being that when it becomes unregistered from the gatekeeper you can’t simply tell it to re-register you have to close the softphone and restart it.

I’ve used it to evaluate gatekeepers from several manufacturers and find it much more flexible than Netmeeting.

With regards to Netmeeting not being authenticated by the PABX gatekeeper what message and clear code is the PABX gatekeeper returning to Netmeeting i.e. RRJ.