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Reply To: ¡Ensemble

To Rasel & Fran

To Rasel:

Concerning QiiQ: in this company Mr. Carl Teo is involved, under whose presidency, Vive went bankrupt. I’m not so sure that you would want to do business with them…

Also, their system seems to proprietary and restricting. Not to mention that they resell Quintum under a different name. If you need Quintum, you can buy the Gateways cheaper, elsewhere.

Concerning billing (QBill), you can do your own billing using RADIUS if you have Quintum or Cisco gateways’s easily, or have a computer science student do it for you for a fee. You don’t need such overpriced solutions.

The iEnsembles seem to be a lot better solution for now if you just want a start in VoIP, as Flashline seems to be more serious in trying to succeed than Vive. Their latest firmware is good & stable.

To Fran: If you don’t need other voice prompts for your calling card in languages other than English, then iBravo & iE is OK to start with.

For sending your minutes you can ask the people in the iEnsemble-users mailing list, I’m sure there will be many people there to point you in the right direction.

However, please be informed taht not all carriers are willing to accept minutes from other Gateways than Cisco, Vocaltec, or other major vendors. I guess they want to avoid the interoperability problems that most vendors have among them.