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Reply To: small office connect

Davenelle Mather

We have a Frame-Relay Network and a ATM Backbone at our Hub site. This is a point to point connection. If we need to connect an Ericsson MD110 and an Ericsson BP 250 and run VoIP. The MD110 is at the Head office and the BP 250 at a Branch office what would we need to do. The network is configured with Cisco 3662 and a 2620 Routers. The Frame Relay at the branch office (Access is 1MB and the CIR is 512Kb) for the Data Network. We wish to have 4 to 5 users been able to phone at any given time and talk to the other office.

What would we require to have an VoIP solution part from having IP handsets and how would you connect up a solution like this ?