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Reply To: VoIP managerial issues


I have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and have found them very helpful.

I am looking at the possibility of deploying VOIP. I have a strong computer background but I am new to the arena of Telecommunications. We currently use half a T1 for data and the other half for voice but due to a Network service being offered in our area we are upgrading to a 10Mb fiber optic connection between locations. I was hoping that I can use the 10Mb link for voice as well as data. I could run an ISDN line to each location but then I am increasing my monthly payments.

I am currently running a NEAX 2400 which is upgradeable to IPX. I have also been looking at a CISCO solution to VOIP. I have learned that some sales people will sell you what you want even if their engineers don’t have a clue on how to deliver.

The phone system is for communicating with customers as well as communicating within the company. Is VOIP ready for this type of application using this band width?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.