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Reply To: VoIP managerial issues


I just got in the forum and this conversation is great. I am looking to deploy VoIP in my company. What I think you need to look at Krishna, as well as myself is Cost of deployment, Return on Investment, and most importantly communication delivery. These are the major challenges when bringing this solution to the table for review. My business has many Merdian switches, but we also have NEC and Rolm. When I am looking for a VoIP solution my first concern is are all switches compatible. Second will I be using external equipment for delivery or can I use Technology provided by the switch. In most cases the secondary concern is what costs the most, and hence discourages investors from seeing a feasible duration of Return of Investment. External equipment for VoIP (i.e. cisco) can become quite expensive. Not only that the cisco just directs the call, and usually does not provide caller ID and Extension. Two very important keys when using VoIP for interoffice connectivity. If this is not your concern then routing traffic through local switches is great. An example would be an Office in New York and one in Los Angeles. Anytime anyone in LA calls anywhere to NY route the traffic through NY’s Switch and vice versa. these are all calculations needed when pitching the VoIP solution to your company. I wont mention communication delivery since it looks like everyone has already covered it.