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Reply To: VoIP managerial issues

VoIP Rookie

Phone Guy, thank you for the great postings and thank you Krishna for starting the dialogue. This is great info!

I’m currently in the early stage of gathering info about VoIP and its place in this technology world that we live in. Specifically, I’m interviewing with a VoIP company in a few days and I need to be able to speak confidently of VoIP. The position I’m seeking is that of a Business Development Manager responsible for building interest and partnerships with major CRM companies. The VoIP company is aiming at leveraging the sales force of said CRM companies and at the same time, fill the perceived need of a “talk live over your computer” feature.

Phone Guy, what questions/comments should I pose in my interview that will not only make me look good from a business development perspective but also from learning truly what CRM companies are looking for in such a partnership with a VoIP company?

Thanks! Feel free to email me also at