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Reply To: What do you want?

Atul Kamat

First of all let me congratulate the people involved in the Voice over IP web site. This was clearly lacking from an engineering perspective.

The marketing hype of Voice over IP has really sidelined the technical and engineering issues involved with the deployment of voice over IP. The QoS of the IP network is mentioned in passing in most of the sites.

Attention should also be focused as to how the internet will have to adapt to accepting real time voice. Today’s Internet is clearly no way prepared to handle real time voice.

If the practicalities involved in deploying and using VoIP with proper engineering issues to be considered become well known then the site will be a definite success. The negative effects of having VoIP over a non-engineered network should also be highlighted.

One area may be to explore VoIP, VOFr and VoATM in comparison so as to reach an informed engineering decision about the core backbone.

I will also try to come up with specific points as soon as possible.