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Reply To: Call Center in Dhaka


I totally agree with Pran, Rabby & Robin.

I am not saying anything against any country but must say that the Agent Cost in IN, PK & PH is really high and thus the next move should be towards Bangladesh. What Bangladesh need is Proper Managed Call Center with qualified Management at this time. We have to have patience and InshAllah by 2 years from now most of the US & UK companies will come to Bangladesh for outsourcing their business.

Another thing I’d like to point out is, we should increase the OPEX at this moment in that case we’ll make the same mistake like others. I have seen some Centers in Dhaka are incresing the salary level of agents as a result neither they are able to provide the salary to their agents nor the are happy with the scenario.

BTRC has already taken action against the enters who are not in to operation till date. I hope centers will start their operation and in some time from now we’ll see the changes in this sector.

Some 5/6 Call Centers are running and doing well and hope they will continue doing well. We also have to help the people who know little about Call Center but want to do this business honestly. In that way we can create a good market in Bangladesh.

Another thing is, we should focus only within Dhaka City. We should start operations in other cities as well so that people get to know about this industry and youth from other city will also get involved in Call Center.