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Reply To: Call Center in Dhaka


The basic thing is you always have to take care of your child when he’s a baby. This is same with Call Center in Bangladesh. You can’t say that within 3/4 months your business will start running.

The major problem in Bangladesh is some Policies as well as Some extra learned people within our country and some from outside. We should focus on the business but people are focusing much on how to do side business related to Call Center. Like Training business, HR Business, Setup Business, Consultants etc etc. More of all most of these are false and fake and not authorized by any governing body. No one is concern about the main business. Again thanks to BTRC that they are now working on these issues also. Specially Consultants coming from outside and giving work to Bangladesh by taking huge amount of money. It’s just that they are making money not thinking about your business.

InshAllah things will get better with time.