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Reply To: Call Centers Booming in BANGLADESH

Jason Zulfiqar

There are certain things that are involved in a call center, let me give a clear picture. Call center when it is utilized as a profit center is considered as part of the BPO. When a call/contact center is providing service to other companies which could be offshore or on-shore, it has to provide certain standards (which could be considered as Industry standard). 1. Quality of the service of Agents 2. Training Facilities being provided, if one considers training as a one time consideration, YOU are wrong! A continuous training process is required in a call center environment. 3. Quality of the end product, in this case service. The service could be delivered in different ways, sales process, or pure and simple help desk service.

These are some of the facts you should take into consideration, Please make sure when you deal with USA clients you are maintaining their telecom rules and regulations, this industry is still a baby in Bangladesh we wouldnt like it to die at birth. Complete caution should be take before you tie up with companies. In my 7+ years international experience i have learned only few things in this industry and would like to serve that here in My Bangladesh. Good luck to you all