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Reply To: voice accent training British teacher


you probably could get a job in some places without a tefl
or english qualification but to be honest they probably would not be very good places to work for – i would doubt how professionally run they were. i would not take on a foreigner to work for my department who did not have qualifications in teaching english. (the local teachers have done a degree in english and have done teaching practice as part of that)
the place where i work said to take a tefl course before i could work there even though i was qualified as a school teacher and had worked as a teacher in england, because it is quite different: having good english and being able to teach it as a foreign language are not the same. in the UK we have two courses CELTA or TESOL (which are basically the same)which take 4 -5 weeks full time. i think the british council in India offers CELTA. it is not cheap but it is very good and is recognised all over the world. any other short course probably is not worth the money. if there is any other advice i can give you do say .