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Reply To: call center startup

tanvir choudhary

Pamela I moved from U.S.A to Pakistan to set up a call center. Now dependening witch State you would like to compare costs to. Rent in CA, NY, FL, and other states that are more apealing to the masses rents are around $2.50 to $3 a sq/ft. If you were to chosse a state like ohio or a State in the south, rent will be cheaper. Labor in the more apealing states is more because the are more profestional jobs to chosse from. In the south unemployment is higher and less profesional jobs, therefore labor is cheaper. ie. in CA a telemarketer makes $10-$12/hr. base. in Ohio you could hire one at minimum wage. Equipment cost is the same no matter which state you open up in. In a foreign country there are only 2 benifits 1. cheap labor
2.cheaper rent.
Internet is the same as USA
Equipment Cost is the Same as USA
I have put over $200k in to my call center. But investment is up to you the more you put in the better your call center. You could get the job done investing less then that too. Call centers are like cars. you can have a BMW or you can have a Hondyi.