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Reply To: DSL for voice – – permission

Harris Iqbal

Ahsan / Ali

There are several “voice chat” services available, that you have to pay for and can use. Yahoo! Messenger comes with an online Net2Phone account. You can charge it using your credit card and call anywhere you like. There are many other such services such as etc.

Micronet Broadband is probably the most reliable DSL provider in Islamabad.

Bandwidth and CRM are two COMPLETELY different things. They have absolutely nothing in common. You do not need a CRM and even if you require one later, there are several available on the internet. I think what you mean by CRM is an ASP (Application Service Provider) i.e. PD/IVR/ACD etc. That, you most certainly do not need for your given scenario.

So get an online voice chat account. If going for DSL get 512K (its pretty cheap now). Infact Hungama and Micronet have introduced Broadband. That is pretty cheap too ($30 per month).

Let me know in which direction you want to go and I will help you all I can.

Take care, good luck and happy hunting :).