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Reply To: Before establishing centers in Pakistan

sundas warsi

Respected Participants…
i m doing some sort of search work on call centres….
so in this course i come a across with two or three questions for which i am unable to locate answer with a reliable source…
there are so many call centres all over the world specially in india and india is also very strong in IT sector and perhaps it has won the race of Technology with Pakistan and they also have high level of communication skills in english as compared to us meanwhile all other apsects are nearly same…..
then why somebody will like to do business with pakistan?remember pakistan is reling on a single communication network and it is not only competing with india but also with Russia,philippines….
i want to know how much this industry is contributing to the Exports of the country?
How much revenue it is generating?
Somebody would like to answer me…
Sundas Warsi
M.A Jinnah University