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Reply To: Multi -lingual Call centre in Romania


Hi .
I want to set up a call center to cover all the languages mentioned , and toi offer outsourcing services to companies in Romania or abroad.
I have a team of 10 people and the posibility to have at least 100 inbound calls/hour.Also I want to offer outbound call services both in romania and in the countries covered by the team.
I have the location to do that, that i own, so there are no rent fees involved.Also i have the internet provider and the technical solution to set it up.
what i am intersted is to find companies (romanian or foreign) to offer this services to.Due to the fact that I own the location it greatly reduces cost , so servicess are provided aat a very compatitive price.
Can you give any feedback on what I want to do?Do you know any comapies interested in such services?Can you give me an idea on how I can find customers for these services?
Thaks ,Diana