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Reply To: Is Pakistan ready for inbound

Shabbir Hussain Raju


If you compare Karachi with any other city, Karachi will be on top, either in talent, or people.

(And if this is not true) then why TRG which is one of the biggest call center in Pakistan would come here in karachi. Think about it!

And as my boss said that;

” being a Pakistani I am glad that quality business comes to Pakistan. Who cares which city, it brings the whole country to a level and benefits the masses”
(Anwer Kazi.)

I guess after reading this, all the agents in Pakistan will agree what A.k(Anwer Kazi) said.

And Convergys: If you think that A.k is paying us to brag about his center, then why dont you do one thing, just send any Agent ( from anywhere in Pakistan) to Anwer kazi’s center for atleast a month. and after that I am sure that he will going to say this :

” Anwer Kazi & his Center is the Best in Pakistan.”

Because its about the spirt, motivations, Enthusiasm, thats makes you go on the top. And Anwer kazi have all this.

Hearing from your side soon.