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Reply To: Is Pakistan ready for inbound

Shabbir Hussain Raju

HI! First of all let me introduce my self, Iam working as a call center agent in Karachi, Pakistan with Alt-Source.

I was just reading the articals And now Iam proud to say that Iam working in Altsource because I was reading Anwar Kazi’s Artical You know guys 4 months before when I joined AltSouce as a Agent and a boss like Anwer Kazi, He Worked really hard to make this call center best in Pakistan.

And Iam sure in coming years AltSource will be the number 1 call center in Pakistan.

Last Sunday I was reading the local news paper, I found some call centers Advertisment Over There and I was just ๐Ÿ™‚ 40 thousand a month :).

Let me Tell You why I really love to work with AltSource because as a Agent:

I know what my Career path is in 5 years.

And I know my job is secure,if I work Hard then I will get promoted.

I know If I have any issue that issue will be resolved with in 24 hours.

& Lots More…

Guys What do you think this will make you happy, or 40 thousand month ๐Ÿ™‚ you decide!

And Last but not Least Boss ( Anwer Kazi ) We are with you we will wont leave you even if I read some where that work with us and earn 80 Thousand per Month ๐Ÿ™‚

because I know I will earn More In AltSorce If I Work Hard.

Shabbir Hussain
Proud To Say that ” Iam Working in AltSource “