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Reply To: Is Pakistan ready for inbound


Well its about time to stop pulling each other’s leg and put hands together, how to improve our skills in this industry which is NEW.

forum readers is least interested in how much business you are pulling in and more interested in any theory to improve CSR skills in Pakistan. It is like a challenge for our guise to make sales or customer care or Helpdesk because our people are not aware of level of service their client’s aspects from them. We would rather share idea, thoughts then pointing fingers at each other. It is easy to blame but very hard to accept that your company is not good enough to hold on to their employees.

I feel the same way KHI, ISB is the best place for call center because its easy to find CSR’s in khi and isb then in lhr. People from isb and khi has netural accent which is required for call center. I would like to hear more on ascent training, Complaint handling, Dealing with irate calls and share thoughts with each other. If you think that your training tips is not highly confidential.hahahaha

Inbound is relatively easy then outbound calls. Outbound is mostly tele-marketing calls; which is challenging in it self and if you have lived in UK or US then you know what I mean.