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Reply To: Call Centers and their scope in Pakistan


You are rite up to some extent. At this time we don’t have that quality service which they had in their home land. Let’s take India for instance; they are the one who has showed westerns to invest in their country and setup off-shore facility. They are on the top and doing business very successfully. We will make our marks and Pakistan has stepped in this business two years a ago and there are more then 100 call center’s in Pakistan; so they are doing good otherwise why would bother to give them business and go some where else.

1st rule of business is you get some and I get some i.e mutual interest. Western companies know there is a potential and very aware of the fact of rules and regulations or putting bad impression on their clients.

Most of the management in call centers is foreign qualified individuals. Analysts will not do better then a person from their home land but these companies are ready to take that chance and very successful in their approach so far.

Now if you compare a call center and UAE and in India, uae facilities are the best and they have people from corporate offices based off-shore. But then India doesn’t have that edge and they get more business.

I have very thoroughly studied call centers all round the world and had a privilege to work in US, UK and UAE call centers.