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Reply To: Call Centers and their scope in Pakistan



1. I agree to most of the ideas.
2. While no one likes to spoil their’s or their parners’s businesses, the issues are to be seen case to case.
3. Bad middlemen
Bad managers
Unrealistic expectations
Unreasonable targets

(Not all , Most of them)

Spoil the business environment.

4. I also know many cases where the commitment made by US business houses were not met at all.

Not call centers.

Hightech imaging, mapping, IT solutions.

We were put in a bad situation.
After 8 months our business associates have refused to deliver the goods and cancelled the orders !!!

5. Let us be honest and build a healthy win win situation for all.

Not all VOIP solutions are bad.
You need not have an expensive IPLC.

6. We do not have to accept old junk for the sake of satisfying some managers who is not aware of the optimum slutions.

Clients have to pay to train the staff and give the necessary support.