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Reply To: Pakistan – Accent Reduction


I know aptech is offering courses, but they are not accent reduction courses. They are offering basic agent training courses which include call center orientation and some technology and english training.

Accent Training is a totally different concept altogether. If an organization does not have a set up designed by foreign consultants, and/or don’t have a certified or experienced Accent Trainer with years of training in standard vocal communication skills with colloqial English and not offering proper extensive training on linguistics, phonetics, speech therapy, and pronunciation testing, using audio, video, computer, headsets, and theory, then they are not accent trainers.

Best Advice: Watch American News Channels, Movies, Sit Coms, and an american accent training book with CDs over if you are really curious to learn.

Finally, practice as much as you can without stressing on your Ts and Ds and ing’s