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Reply To: I’m back on the phones and need help.

Abdul Qadir
Guest me a call center agent.I would recommend you, to relax, and set up your mind, that you have been placed on the phones for a good reason. They might be testing you out. So think positive. If you’re a supervisor,QA, thats good, that means the company can expect a lot from you. So cheer up. And yes, do exercise daily, so that pumping heart beat, would get into a rhythm, for you to speaking loudly on the phones. As english is a second language for you. Do think before you speak. And do listen to the customer. When he speaks..just shut up..Relax..give a one line rebuttal and move on..The basic problem you’re facing is lack of confidence.But dont worry,with 4-5 days of continuous pitching. You will get used to it.. And ya, speak slowly, so that your heart beat, doesnt pump fastly.. So cheer up.. man..The company needs you..