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Reply To: call center in pakistan

Assad Amin

Everybody wants to setup a call centre!!!

What are you doing. Talk about saturation of resources. People please don’t get all caught up in haze of the call centre fad because most of them fail. There are only a few good call centres out there that have survived the ups and downs of this kind of business.

Instead of wasting all your money and time on setting a call centre up from scratch. Why don’t you approach an existing call centre that has all the infrastructure in place. Rent some seats in the call centre then all you have to do is employ your staff and gain contracts. That way you will learn from the existing call centre and possibly gain funding if your are successful becoming a franchise. Or once you have gained the experience you can then purchase you own property and setup the call centre from scratch.

This way there is a conistancy in call centre operations and a professional appearance to clients. Both call centres will profit from this kind of venture.

Kind Regards

Assad Amin