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Reply To: call center in pakistan

Mohammad Imran

i want to setup a call cente in karachideteails are given below. kindly reply me

What we have?
• 50x PCs Network
• 2x PSTN lines
• 1x BRI line
• 1x DSL 128K
• 2x P-IV servers(domain controllers)

What we want?
Call center setup with following specification.
• Call center will start from 2 agents and will be extended up to 10 agents
• Any of 2-10 PCs out of above 50 PCs can act as call center agents in different timings/shifts
Setup is needed to provide call center facility to our own company then after to our clients too.

What you asked for?
• What else we need other then what we have
• What the cost would we have to pay out

Best regard Mohammad Imran