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Reply To: call center in pakistan

Yousaf Khan

Dear Mr. Masood Haider, I appreciate your interest in setting up of a call center. To give you a brief overview, In my experience it takes as little as 10 operational seats to become profitable in the call center in dustry depending upon the type of project you have. This means that you can have upto 40 agents on staff if your require 24 hr operations. Majority of the call centers in Pakistan are concentrating on outbound telemarketing campaigns which have a higher yield compared to inbuond customer service type contracts. But a higher risk is involved because in outbound campaigns payment are directly related to number of sales made by your agents. Inbound is more stable since it focuses on long term contracts. Multiple touch points are important for call centers looking to provide inbound services. As a general rule, start with telemarketing since its easier to get contracts through brokers etc. and then move to a 60% outbound and 40% inbound split. I hope this information is helpful, for further details or to arrange a meeting, please contact me

Yousaf Khan