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Reply To: call center in pakistan

Aezad Ahmad

Hi Imran,

I have just read your queries and your concern about seting up a Offshore Facility in Pakistan. I am sure you would check & analyise the water before you take a swim, but I would recomend that dont just keep thinking too much & just stand at the seashore, while the other take the jump & enjoy the fruits, but yet again who say, business is “RISK FREE”, so my dear, Lahore, Islamabad are the two most ideal locations for the Offshore Facility and let me add one more thing here, Lahore has the highest number of trained & experienced professionals in the country, as it is also the home to the 1st ever international call center, I have been with this industry for years now and I do understand you valid concerens & requiremenst, let me know in case you need any more ideas.Further mmore, the technology you will use should be of quality, coz when you jump of a plane, you do not buy a parachute which says “Made in Taiwan or Made in XYZ ” country, you obviously go for the brand & the credentials in the relevant fields.Now the govt duties and requirements are not that strict and can be used to onces advantages if you know the right people in the right places. There are many firms which can provide Internet to you & can easily support the VoIP.

It will entirely depend on the kind of operations you have.

I wish you all the best of luck.


Aezad Ahmad