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Reply To: Call Center Design

Joel Kepaou

There is two level ofconsolidation in your question. The first level is the phisical consolidation. In fact today you can have a virtual call center with two locations. One of the advantage with a virtual call center in two location is the redundancy in case of emergency. To respond to your question is depend to the type of service you are offering, is it critical service, what is the idea behind the consolidation…
At the second level we are talking about a skill set (Helpdek against customer care and sales)
most of the the time is rare to fnd someone who can have those skill set. So my advice will depend on the skill of people that you have. If you have an acceptable percentage of agents able to take the two type of calls (> 20%) it will be worthed.

We just consolidate 7 call center in two virtual call center so I undestand your challenge.

If you need help please contact us:
Joel Kepaou