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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan

Saeed Qadri

Dear Malik S. Ahmed ,

My name is Saeed Qadri and I own and operate an international customer contact center in Islamabad, Pakistan. Previously I helped establish one of the first international call center in Islamabad. We have experience of setting up and executing call center projects. In fact we have done telemarketing for LD products, directTV, cable and wireless etc quiet successfully. Currently we provide services to some leading store chains and retail outlets.

As far as your questions are concerned; I have given these answers before in some detail. However let me answer them once again.

1) IP phones quality is dependent on a lot of factors including bandwidth, physical media, latency, congestion and providers’ stability. And also IP phone is one of many parts of a virtual contact center or a web based call center. Superphone specifically is not the best of products in my personal opinion. I have used it and I still use it but not for call center work only for business calls. For serious call center work you need good contact ratios and that is possible with predictive dialers. There are some products that use the same Cisco ATA 186 device used by superphone to provide PD capability and you should look into that. The kind of work you are describing will not be viable with manual dialing or simple list dialing.

2) I would advise to allocate at least 24k of bandwidth for a voice channel. Although with compression it can be even around 6/7 kbps; but for medium voice quality allocate 16kbps which is the theoretical requirement for one of the popular compression algorithms. 24k is good for the data and voice both at the same time. So with a simple math for 30 seats you will need 720 Kbps. I would take a 1Mbps pipe to take into account congestion and packet loss etc for every 30 seats.

3) PTCL, ISPS and satellite bandwidth providers are all available. You can get bandwidth anywhere from 64k leased circuit to 34 Mbps. So there is no problem in that. IP is not the way to go ultimately if you are into this business seriously. IPLC is the path forward for the size you are describing backed up with satellite. This is what we have done and are very happy with results.

One thing that I would like to highlight is that technology is very important but operations and operational training is extremely important. We have made it mandatory for our operations staff to undergo CIAC certifications and are spending heavily on trainings by North American trainers. I hope that you are successful in your venture and may ALLAH help us all.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Best Regards
Saeed Qadri