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Reply To: Call Center business in India

Kam Patel

Hi Ramesh:

The idea is great and from our side we can offer you this :
a) Call Center Technology on ASP or Traditional method
b) Chennai based call center consultant
c) Chennai based commercial consultant for call centers matter
d) VoIP services for Call center with a 99.95% uptime guarantee
and extremely great prices
e) Initial works that can immediately help the call center to start making money, firstly on basis of tele-marketing campaigns and then on confirm outbound per hour basis and then getting them inbound on per hour basis.Please e mail us on and we shall be able to help you in more than one way, through the interaction of this great site, which is very good platform of interaction for new prospects and regular players in the industry

We are into all the above on a regular basis and having Chennai association and your desire to start in Chennai is a good co-incidence.

You can visit us on or give us a call on 917-622-5757


Kam Patel

p.s. Moderator, we have already paid earlier for such mattes, please do allow this release, we shall be very appreciative for your gesture of goodwill,