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Reply To: Staffing

Roberto Maserati

Hi Teri

Your ACD should provide this info. If it doesn’t then a simple spreadsheet should help you to calculate the number of staff you have working in your business at any given hour/½ hour of the day.

This does however mean that you are reliant on your staff to go on breaks and lunches at the specified time which we all know is not always possible.

There are other alternatives which include:

1. Purchase an ACD that can provide this info.

2. Purchase a WFM tool that will help you to forecast your requirements, schedule your staff and track their adherence to schedules.

3. Buy a tracking tool that your advisors can use to log in/out each time they come into or leave the work area.

All of these options may prove too costly for such a small operation, so I guess this very much depends on how critical is having this knowedge is to the success of your business.

On a final note, if a spreadsheet is what you are looking for, then I would be happy to help you to design one at no cost to you or your business.

Kind regards