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Reply To: certiffied voice and accent training



I saw a lot of you guys asking about interviews and help with your English. I agree with ‘damn english’. Spoken English is different than written English. In an interview you need to be careful not to get your tenses confused. However please don’t say ‘cheese mate,’ try cheers mate, however in a formal interview, maybe not. For example ‘I am having very good English.’ This is a common Indianism. Try, ‘I speak English well.’ Interviewers (including me!) Ask a lot of basic questions during an interview. Go through them with a friend (one who has a job in an international call center). Most ask questions like, what do you do in your spare time, why do you think you would make a good agent; tell us about yourself, etc.
Along with grammar you also need to watch your vowel and consonant sounds. For Example, the word ‘opinion’ phonetically is said uh-pin-yin, with stress on the ‘pin\ syllable. We tend to say uh-peen – yin. Again another common Indianism.
Watch as much of Star World, HBO and Star Movies as you want. Go through to some slang websites and browse through them.
But most of all, believe in yourself!

FYI – Moved to India 6 years ago from the US. Worked as a US V&A Trainer for 5 years at an international call center in Mumbai India, where I got promoted to Manager Training. I now work as a consultant based out of Pune