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Reply To: certiffied voice and accent training

damn english

hi, people
I know what u r problem is. I think u r not confident and u r focusing on vocabulary. The bottom line is written english is different from spoken english. Spoken english has to be simple and the words should represent what u r thinking. I know u have been studying english since u were a child and I hope that
my advice would help u. First of all correct u r grammar. A person can be confident if and only if he is good in grammar. I think u have to master grammar first, then go for vocabulary. In grammar u have to concentrate on tenses specially the past tense ,present perfect and past perfect. once u r done with it go for the auxillary verb ” would”, learn when to use it and do learn about how to tell a story for instance if u r talking about a movie story then it has to be told in present tense and if u r talking about the thing happened to u or to u r friend or as a matter of fact real stories then u have to use past tense. if u r done with these things i think u would be having enough confidence to proceed. Now for the fluency part, u have to be clear of what u trying to convey and once u r clear what to say then the words come out automatically. I know its the mentality of my fellow mates to use strong vocabulary in order to prove supremacy but i think spoken english has to be as simple as possible and i figuered it out of my experience in australia. If fluency is associated with speed then i say its a delusion. If a person speaks faster than normal then it looks like that person is reading and ocassionaly called as “motor mouth” . I think the speed has to like those of news readers. bye for now.