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Reply To: certiffied voice and accent training

damn english

Hello people,
I know that many of us here r willing to speak english well. People try to learn u r self,donot waste u r hard earned money for simple cause. I am born indian but residing in Australia. There are many free sites which can teach u how to be fluent in english. I will give u few tips. First improve u r vocabulary. U can do it by watching u r mother tongue movies with english subtitles. Once u feel comfortable with the words used, then go for sentence formations. When to use different tenses etc. Once u feel comfortable with this then u go for accent building. If u really want to know how speak like native english speaker then u have to first try speaking from u r throat, not from u r mouth as most of the indian do. U can do this by speaking with u r jaws r clinged.U r throat may be soar for few days but later u get accustomed to it.Once u feel comfortable with it then u try recording u r voice in a recording device and listen to it. keep practising this way and u will definitely sound like an european. I am not going to comment about accent as u can choose any one from many different accents available. for instance we can find atleast 10 different accents spoken in a small country like britain and more than 20 in America; so donot panic, I bet once u practice this u will sound like an english native speaker. Last but not least have trust in u r self. Most indians study in english medium, think of it that u had studied in english medium from u r childhood days till graduation, thats almost 16 years of education in english medium and its not at all fair to say that u dont know english at the end of the day. E-mail me if u want to know anything else about it.