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Reply To: certiffied voice and accent training


Sats, comprehensive & effective coverage of WHAT ?? u appear 2 know abt V& A(which u must as a trainer urself ) so, do u mean skills etc requird by Cl-center agents ? IF SO,
MAYBE how 2 keep one’s health working against th clock[TH SECURITY GUARD OUTSOURCED BY A CALL-CENTER FROM AN AGENCY IS TRAIND BY AN EX-COP/ EX SOLDIER — HE KNOWS , BuT GRADUATES IN tech-support dont–cause 4 cncern !! ], NLP(4 outbound agents , choicy examples on how apparently immaterial differences in choice o words can make all t difference 2 an U.S customer—FOR INBOUND AGENTS, THAT; ,– i dont know how 2 communicate in a book how VOICE, not accent —VARIATIONS IN TONE i mean, combined with choice o wrds can make an universe of difference, appreciating that not all rude customers r mean at heart — & where not, how 2 turn them round etc !!(ps– culture modules perhaps )