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Reply To: Call Centre Set Up Details

Lokesh Kumar

Mr. Hernandez
First of all i am unable to understand the word client, according to you if a client is one who is proving or giving businesss to you, than i want to let you know that your client will not provide any kind of support to you either in terms of Software or Hardware, One terminology for client is “that person to whom you are calling from your CC to make any business” obviously that person can’t provide any support to you.
Initially you require to spend around 30-40 lacs(in Indian Rupees) that will be the fixed cost you have to spend, in that you will get Hardware/Software/CRMs/ gateways etc..
After that you are required around 4 lacs(Indian Rupees) against running Cost, in that you will cover your staff’s salary electricity, and VOIP connection etc.. its very rough estimate for India like country that may slightly vary in Indonesia.
Yes,You can get the actual income per computer per hour from 2 month itself.
For any more queries or difficulty you are most welcome
Lokesh Kumar