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Reply To: Call Centre Set Up Details

Lokesh Kumar

Mr. Jeffery
I will explain you the nutshell of this business.Economy of Countries like India or Phillipines are not as strong as that of US, UK or other European Countries.Therefore if we do any work of any Co. based in US, UK or Europe the will pay us in dollar, Pound, and Euro.But your expenditure will not be in dollar or pound, your expenditure will be in terms of your local currency. The main thing is that the labour and IT infrastructure is very cheap in Phillipines and India like countries.and you will find grat margin of profit.You can get profit from the second month itself from starting this business as you are not required to purchase computers it will take very less time for you to start.For more details about this business visit any Indian BPO industry.
Waiting for your reply
Lokesh Kumar