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Reply To: Want to open call centres training


Hi Amit,

Good to see your interest Amit..not many people have the urge to become a trainer and then opening a training institute. I can tell you one thing the path you have choosen for learning and expand the same is worth appreciating. As everyone says when it comes to training and being a entreprenur the obvious presonality in the training and strategy execution that ensure the success is upkar heading upzeon inc. He has trainied over 1500 people in different directions in the span of 2 years and at a young age of 25. The same you might have read the comments of smriti and sumit goel above in this page. You have infrastructure and the urge, after you have tried all the companies supporting this venture and providing you services just try it out with upzeon. Since as per the rules of this forum you can get only the guidence rest you can hunt for him on the guidelines provided by smriti above.

Now why I am saying all this is because one year back i posted the same interest like yours in the call center forums and got the link and i am glad that i was right in taking the desicion which i have suggested you. best of luck man !!