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Reply To: Toll Free from India and Pakistan

Anwar Kazi


Some very good points made. One of the determining factors in the success of India and the failure of Pakistan in ITES field is the angle of marketing.

Pakistan has had very bad exposure to marketing compared to India. I have travelled thru India extensively and worked with Indian folks in the US and I dont think that there is a tremendous amount of difference between India and Pak HR.

The difference arises sharply when it comes to marketing and exposure of Pakistani entities compared to Indian entities.
The driving forces, i.e., businesses in the West finding value in Indian HR and shaping the strategies for the success of the Indian ITES sector have not touched Pakistan even by a yard stick.

Two reasons why the driving forces have avoided Pakistan:
1. The image of Pakistan in the rest of world is very hard (guns etc)hence a hard sell in a organization both internally and externally
2. The major Pakistani business entities USED to have the mentality of ‘we will make it and they will sell’ avoiding marketing completely and making it only a sales function.

Things are changing in Pakistan but it will take some time to recover. Consider this though, with 44% of businesses now choosing outsourcing due to cost saving only, how long will it be before Pakistani bandwidth rates will come down to match Indian rates and with the low utility rates, salaries, and infrastructure cost in Pakistan, the per hour rate will become unbeatable with the same or better quality. At that point this country can probably put their own flag on the world outsourcing map.