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Reply To: new callcentre

Vishal Jhamb

It support is essentially Both Ends. Indian end is for Mux onward and US End is Co-lo. Telecom costs are extremely steep. They eat up close to 1/3 Of Operating costs. Indian end is only Mux handling and Integration, The US End Telco ( RBOC ) is approx. 1.5 US$ Per Hour per seat from India if U take cost at 2.2 Cents per Minute. But if some call center can offer billing committment then it comes down in a sliding scale. on a Billing committment of 25K US$ You may get a rate of close to 1.9 Cents per minute. All depands on the No. of hours and agents calling in a particuler month. Anything else, you may post it here.

Vishal J