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Reply To: T1 costs

Manoj Matai

Intellectuals, I didn’t understand your querry. I have attempted to answer here from what I assume your question is. Correct me if I am wrong…

IPLC Bandwidth is available on both Submarine (both trans-atlantic and trans-pacific) cables as well as single-hop sattelite connection.

VOIP – Voice over internet protocol in strict terms (close user group) has never been “illegal”. This basically means that one could (normally for corporate connectivity) configure private leased circuits (domestic or intrenational) as IP and run voice on these circuits apart from data. This was normally point-to-point.

Taing call center ermission one could connect to public voice network on remote side, but then there was no real commercial advantage of this type of networing since IP is known to consume more bandwidth while prividing lower quality.

Using VoIP to send and receive voice calls over the internet has been made “legal” now and call centers can tie up with ISPs to send and receive voice traffic over their WWW bandwidth.While voice quality and latency are still grey (and concern) areas, telecom cost makes the operation extremely profitable.

Regarding IP phones, from the call center perspective one dosen’t need ANY ip phones to do this. All you need is an IP switch in from of the ACD. There are many of these around.

There’s a better option too. Just convert IP voice to TDM at your end of the MUX/router using any standard converter (approx $600-700) and feed to your standard ACD/PBX ! Works very well, have tried it myself.

Cheers, Manoj