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Reply To: VOIP callcentre

Partho Mondal

I am a newbie in Voip technology. I have however
studied about it circuit switching, packet switching,
h.323 protocols etc.But right now I just want to know
that I want to have a voice setup i.e. I need to have
my own VOIP setup. What hardware do I need to
implement it and hwo to install that hardware. For
example I have one office in India and anotherone in
US and I want to make long distance calls to US so is
it neccasary that some hardware also be present at the
US office apart from the india office.
Also I need to have my own Infrastructure rather thatn
using net2phone which makes use of the Hardware of the
ISp(or IP telephony service provider) . So basically I
want to know what hardware that ISP(or IP tele.
service provider) is using so that I can setup the
same over at my office and if neccasary at the remote
office as well.

One last question I have heard that I may be needing
some gateway devices for it but is there some other
cheap solution as well like PCI cards which can
replace the gateways and the vest thing would be if I
could eliminate the need for the Hardware and make my
computer act as a gateway or something like that by
incorporating some piece of software into my PC.
If I surely need some hardware then which products are
the best and what are their cost range.