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Reply To: Call center skills

Amit Naagar

A call center agent should possess skills like :–
* Sales and Service Excellence Skills.
* Best in Class Practices.
* Effective Communication Skills.
* Listening and Handling Objectives.
* Dealing with the Unhappy Customer.
A manager should be good with these skills:–
* Defining the Team Leader Responsibilities
* Communication
* Goal Setting
* Collecting and Analyzing Performance Data
* Feedback and Coaching
* Developing Action Plans
In the call center, statistics rule i.e,
How many calls are in queue?
How many reps are on calls?
What is our hold time like?
What is our “abandoned” rate (translation: how many customers hung up out of frustration from waiting)?
Therefore a Manager needs to check all these as well.
Duds i could talk on this in lengths but i guess i cannot do it over here you need to get in touch with me over mail to have a more comprehensive info on these subject.