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Reply To: Opening Call centre Franchisee

Amit Naagar

Hi Sandy,
In India presently VSNL provides International Private Leased Circuits for fast communications. IPLC is available to users who have large communication requirements between specific points.

Due to the increase in demand for this service, the number of leased lines circuits are increasing day by day. Presently VSNL has 949 circuits as 0n 30-9-2001. A few other Telecom operators will also start proving this service in a few moths from now. The tarrif however would depend upon the bandwith that you need, annual tarrif could range from Rs800,000 for 64kbps to Rs7,500,000 for 2Mbps leased line. Secondly the tarrif may differ from city to city, the tarrif in Chandigarh may be higher then that of Delhi.